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Food industry

Modernization of the GoodMills Polska production plant

Modernization of the control system of the entire production plant: reception and elevator, 3 grinding lines with cleaning plants, flour collection lines, mixing room and flour loading. Works carried out in a system ensuring the continuity of the plant’s operation.

Feed production industry

Expansion of the plant protein processing plant (ZUBR) in Osiek

Comprehensive automation of the silo warehouse and integration of ZUBR production lines in the production of high-quality animal feed.

The feed production industry

Feed production plant - design and implementation of a modern control system

Comprehensive implementation of the task of designing and implementing a modern control system for a feed production plant, including power installations

Furniture industry

Fully automatic production line for LVL boards

Design and implementation of complete electrical installations and a control system for the LVL board processing line. Processes of cutting, grinding, impregnation, stacking and packing of large-size products.

Alternative fuels industry

Modernization and expansion of the control system for the biofuel (biodiesel) production installation

The result was a significant improvement in the stability of the system, full implementation of client-server solutions, remote connection and data analysis in the company’s headquarters located on another continent, increasing the resistance of the entire installation to threats resulting from the nature of the process and many others.

Food industry

Delivery of hardware and software for the Warzelnia SCADA system

Delivery of computers and licenses for the control system, system security and improvement of work ergonomics.

Food industry

Feed factory control system: Comprehensive and complicated modernization, works carried out in a system ensuring the continuity of the plant's operation.

Comprehensive and complicated modernization of the control system of a feed production plant. Works carried out in a system ensuring the continuity of the plant’s operation.

Food industry

Frozen meat unloading system

Comprehensive design and implementation of an automated system for unloading frozen meat, dosing and mixing with loose and liquid additives.

Food industry

A system for unloading, storing, mixing, grinding and transporting loose products

Comprehensive design and implementation of a fully automated system for unloading loose raw materials for the production of chips.

Food industry

Dynamic Caching System

Comprehensive delivery of the dynamic buffer along with control and necessary safety elements as well as integration with the line allowed the client to achieve several percent increase in efficiency on the biscuit production line.

Logistics industry

A robotic repacking station combined with palletizing

The client, as a leading company in the logistics industry, repackages goods using a scara robot and then palletizes them. A pick & place system and a six-axis robot with a long reach were used to complete the task, allowing palletizing from two lines at the same time.

Food industry

Collective cartoner

The task of the device is to automatically collect toasted breads, grouping them in the right way.

On the other hand, the machine folds the carton and feeds it for automatic product loading. The machine can handle two bread formats. The whole thing was made for the client along with the input conveyors.

Logistics industry

Universal palletizer

The task of the universal robotic palletizer is to place any configuration of any cartons on a pallet. Supports closed cartons, tray, tray+lid.

Collection of products from two lines independently, a separate insert warehouse displaying a spacer for faster collection. The customer has the ability to independently add new configurations through a specially added computer program that configures new robot trajectories.

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