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R&D activity in iPS Team

As part of many years of global business activity, in many different industries and sectors, we have carried out a number of research and development projects. In the early years of operation, most of the research and development activities resulted from the nature of work for our clients. They were the ones who, by commissioning us ambitious projects based on relatively little explored areas of automation and robotics, often forced us to look for innovative solutions.

Over the years, we got to know the specifics of R&D activities, we developed new fields in the field of industrial technologies. Along with shaping the organizational culture and cyclically expanding the engineering team, we began to see how many significant benefits are associated with conducting active activities in this area. Searching for non-standard solutions, discovering unknown technological areas, synergy resulting from conducting complementary activities in various sectors, efficiency of agile management of engineering teams. All of these allow us to achieve new business goals of our clients, but also discover unconscious needs in their daily work.

With full awareness, we can point out that thanks to the undertaken research and development initiatives, we have a very positive impact on increasing the value flowing in the entire business chain, starting from our suppliers of services and technological solutions, to customers and end users of new – innovative solutions.

We have been building experience comprehensively since 1998, thanks to which we can now consciously and confidently conduct research and development activities.

We operate on the basis of repeatedly proven procedures, we have a proven team of internal experts who, as part of the R&D Laboratory, cooperate with each other and with external advisors and teams to develop concepts and solutions for research projects.

At the same time, we ensure full safety of the process, we treat R&D as the basic activities of our business.

iPS Team currently consists of several brands and teams that carry out joint activities in selected projects, and manage individual works in others.

There are many areas of business activity, ranging from comprehensive technological solutions, industrial automation, machines and prototype devices, to maintenance services.

We currently run nearly 40 R&D initiatives under 4 R&D projects. Among the most interesting we can mention:

prototype of a line for the production of sponge paint rollers

design, execution and implementation of a control system for technological processes in the mill, in the scope of processes related to production in a grain and milling enterprise and the entire functioning of the mill

prototype of a machine for assembling electrical connectors

designing the control system for the installation for the production of mineral salts, concept development, design, software and commissioning of the installation for the production of animal feed

design, execution and implementation of a control and automation system for the production of safe and high-quality industrial feed for farm animals

construction and delivery of an innovative pilot line for the production of a new generation of fodder based on Polish protein raw materials, such as fat-free seeds of yellow lupine, white lupine, narrow-leaved lupine, pea, faba bean and soybean; as part of this task - development of a control and automation system for a complete feed micronization line and dosing installation.

development of a concept for the layout of a technological line for unloading frozen meat, mixing and sending meat to drying areas

design works aimed at optimizing the energy consumption of the existing flour transfer system by selecting and using a device with a lower energy factor

testing the possibility of designing and building a prototype technological line for the production of large-format boards (market standard) from 100% HDPE and/or PP recyclate materials, with the possibility of 100% recycling of the material; researching the possibility of transferring the technology to the production of other forms and circular materials; development of an algorithm for controlling the system of supplying additives facilitating the purification of polluted air

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